John Abraham’s Force beats demonetization blues thanks to new audience-friendly initiatives

Amidst grim box-office and demonetisation, John Abraham and team re-pitch their marketing strategy to woo audiences

By Manishaa R

In these difficult times of cash-crunch and demonetisation, it pays to be people-friendly and come out with initiatives that can reduce the angst of the movie-going audiences. Keeping this in mind, the Force 2 team led by John Abraham, have now teamed up with digital platforms and multiplex players, who are doling out interesting offers that will entice people to catch up on the film. Both John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha took to Twitter on Friday morning to invite audiences to the film by booking their tickets on Paytm to get a 50 percent cash-back on a minimum of two tickets. The two were also seen encouraging people to go to the PVR portal, where special offers await those who are seeking to watch the film.

Moreover, some multiplex chains have also slashed their admission rates sharply to a new affordable rate of Rs 100 to encourage movie-going audiences to revisit cinemas. According to Sanjay Dalia, General Manager, Programming, Carnival Cinemas, “We have rounded off the admission rates so that the audiences do not have to face problems due to the paucity of change. The move has worked for the film, since it has also found appreciation among audiences and the response is much better than Rock On. Also, in these times of anxiety, movies are the best way to de-stress by way of reasonably priced entertainment,” he smiles.

However producer Vipul Shah feels that it is the merit of the film that is working more than anything else, “The digital platforms and mobile wallets are no doubt trying to encourage people to go off cash and we are thankful to them but the real reason for the encouraging opening response is the positive word of mouth.

Recalling the grim the box-office situation a few days ago, Vipul Shah adds, “The general perception was that cinemas would continue to be badly affected but let’s not forget that India is a resilient country. Demonetization or no demonetization, the Indian audience never gives up,” he exults.

When asked whether the film would have done even better without demonetisation, Shah said, “We don’t feel that the decisions taken by our respected PM should be evaluated only from the prism of our film. We fully support our Prime Minister. If we had thought that demonetization was going to kill us, we would have postponed the release.”

Meanwhile, John Abraham is closely monitoring the box-office response. In a recent interview the producer-actor revealed, “I believe in ensuring that my film is a safe bet for everyone involved, including me as a producer. I believe in doing my very best for the film. What remains is word of mouth and that plays a decisive role in the success of a film,” he said.