I and A.R. Rahman treasure every moment of our creative collaboration, says ace sound designer Resul Pookutty

The two are teaming up once again for Rajnikanth’s Robot 2

By Manishaa R

They are both Oscar winners and celebrated names on the international circuit and they are both reverred in their respective fields. Few people are however aware about the equation that ace music composer, A.R. Rahman and legendary sound designer, Resul Pookutty share with each other in real life. While Bollywood celebrities were busy catching up with each other to make the best of Friendship Day on August 7, sound engineer Resul Pookutty was reminded of his close friend Rahman in Chennai, with whom he has shared a great camaraderie over the years.  “We are more like brothers than friends. When we work together we don’t know whether we are working together as colleagues, brothers or as simply as a sound-designer and music composer but we treasure every moment of our creative collaboration in reel and real life,” recalls Pookutty, adding that they are once again teaming up in the forthcoming Rajnikanth film, Robot 2.

The bonding between A.R. Rahman and Resul Pookutty began way back in Slumdog Millionaire, after which they worked together in Ghajini, Blue, Robot and several other films. “We never met each other during Slumdog though I recommended Rahman for the film. Danny Boyle and I would travel from one location to the other when the film was being planned and he would listen to some of the finest Indian music. One day he played 28 tracks out of which 22 turned out to be Rahman’s. I told him that he was the Mozart of Chennai, India and advised him to meet Rahman if he was planning for an Indian composer. That’s how it all began.”

Subsequently they developed a great rapport with each other over the years, According to  Pookutty, “When we work in a film together, I move my entire studio to his studio in Chennai, after which he keeps scoring music through the night and I mix it during the day. It is one of the best camaraderie that I have ever shared with anyone. The best part is that we work with a great creative understanding without exchanging a single word.” So much so that during the making of Blue, they came to be known as the formidable ‘Blue Brothers’.  According to Pookutty, their creative pursuits are almost similar so are their thinking patterns, “Whenever we meet, I always realise that Rahman and think similarly and ideate in parallel patterns whether it is writing scripts, planning projects, planning a sound school or even getting into production.”  More interestingly Pookutty also considers Rahman as his spiritual guru, “I have never been a very religious person and religion never played an important role in my life but it was Rahman who prodded me to start doing rojas in 2010. He felt it was the best way to thank God.”

The two would now be spending a lot of time together in the days ahead when they work on Rajnikanth’s Robot 2 and Pookutty is looking forward to it. More recently he flew down to Chennail to meet Rahman when he learnt that Rahman’s mother was ailing. “We caught up over our work and spent a lot of time together. Some friendships are there for keeps and I feel I am blessed to have his company.”