Salman Khan came up with beautiful creative inputs for Swag Se Swagat, reveals song producer Meghdeep Bose

By Manishaa R

More than a fortnight after the Swag Se Swagat number from Tiger Zinda Hai, took the social media by storm with its record-breaking views and likes, the number continues to cast its magical spell on the audiences. The scintillating composition even got the audiences grooving when Salman Khan performed to the beats of the song at his recent Delhi concert. However few are aware about the kind of detailing and hard work that went behind the making of the number that left an indelible mark on the minds of Salman fans.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted a very young feel for the number

According to song producer, Meghdeep Bose, Swag Se Swagat was designed to connect with Salman’s huge fan-base from the day it was conceptualized and recorded, “It was one of Vishal-Shekhar’s extraordinary compositions written by Irshad Kamil with the catch phrase, ‘Swag Se Swagat Tak’.  However director Ali Abbas Zaffar wanted a very young feel for the number way apart from the sound that was evident in earlier Salman Khan starrers. I was assigned the job of making it really unique and different in terms of its music arrangement, since I am known to work differently on every composition,” Bose stated.

The Indore-born music producer who had earlier produced the song, Main Hoon Hero Tera for Armaan Mallik, which was also rendered by Salman Khan, decided to reinvent himself working out on several permutations and combinations, “The idea was to give it an all-new feel in terms of the beats and the music arrangement. Also since it was my first dance track and the first time I was working with music composers, Vishal-Shekhar, I wanted to do full justice to the song.”

Salman came up with some beautiful creative inputs keeping in mind his fans and followers

What got him thrilled though was the way Salman was l tuned into the number when it was first presented to him in the studio, “We had just made the mukhda, the basic signature tune and the first verse of the song when it was presented to Salman. He seemed to be absolutely delighted with the way the melody had shaped up,”  Bose recalled adding that Salman was very keen that the song establish a connect with his huge fan-base, “While working with Salman I realized that he cares for his fans and goes out of his way to make them happy. So when he was the studio listening to a song, he was very particular about the number that he wanted to serve to his audiences. He came up with some creative beautiful inputs for the number,” Bose revealed.

It is a known fact that Salman Khan has a great sense of music and works towards it in each of his film. Bose was also taken in by Salman’s huge exposure to music and the way he interpreted sound, “I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to is very spectral from across the world. He has an excellent feel for music.”

Having a superstar like Salman for a track definitely gives it great exposure

According to Bose, in his career he had never produced songs with the idea of making them viral, be it Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon from Hate Story 3, Tu Bhoola Jise from Airlift, Besabriyaan from MS Dhoni or Main Hoon Hero Tera from Hero, “I don’t work on a song with the idea of its commercial success.  There is definitely a huge consciousness, but it is not about making the song a hit but making sure that I am doing full justice to it. It is a challenge and a thrill to translate a composer’s dream because it plays a decisive role on how people eventually perceive the song. If I play a note differently, the whole composition and its perspective may change. Nevertheless, every song that I have produced for a film, be it Main Hoon Hero Tera or Bol Do No Zara, has gone way above the 100 million mark on YouTube.,” Bose said.

I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to, is very spectral from across the world- Music producer, Meghdeep Bose

There is a general perception that if a superstar of the stature of Salman Khan is associated with a song, it invariably makes its mark on the audiences because of the sheer charisma of the star, irrespective of the composition but Bose had a different opinion, “The presence of a star no doubt elevates the visibility of a particular number. A superstar like Salman Khan being on track definitely gives huge exposure but then a great song is a great song. If the content is lovely and liked by people, it will anyway go viral. I f you look back, there are some songs which made their way to become huge hits, despite the lack of superstars. It is like a river finding its way into the ocean,” Bose avers.

While the Swag Se Swagat number has now become the anthem of Salman Khan’s forthcoming film, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bose admitted that he never had the opportunity of interacting with the superstar, “Salman doesn’t know me personally. I am not aware whether he is aware about me but song producers are not known generally and even production houses are focused on music composers. But I am happy that I am part of a very successful Salman Khan number for the second time after Main Hoon Hero Tera. I am very grateful to Vishal-Shekhar for that. I am glad that I have done justice to their dream composition,” he quipped.