Baahubali 2 to be the grand year-ending attraction for Japanese audiences on December 29

By Manishaa R

It looks like Baahubali 2 may well continue with its world box-office conquest till early next year. After achieving its latest feat of being the world’s seventh most trending movie on Google search engine and the most searched topic in India, the magnum opus is all set for a grand release in Japan on December 29 this year. The film is being released by Twin Co, a leading production and distribution house in Japan, which had also released the first installment of Baahubali.  Except that the second installment is being planned for a far bigger release in comparison to the first.  Confirming the December 29 release date of Baahuabali 2 in Japan, Kishore Kedari, Business Development and Distribution Head of Arka Media Works, the producers of the film said that the Japanese distributors were well-informed about the epic response to the film in India, “Twin Co are the same distributors who released the first installment and they are well aware of the success of the film in India. They understand the huge scale of the film in terms of its box-office success all over,” Kedari said.

According to producer Shobu Yarlagadda, there is a great pre-release excitement surrounding the release of the film in Japan, “The first installment of Baahubali was released on a small scale in Japan but looking at the curiosity and the anticipation for Baahubali 2, it is being released in a good number of 45-50 screens,” Yarlagadda said.

“The fact that it has emerged as the 7th most trending movie on Google speaks a lot about the international reach of the film” – Shobu Yarlagadda

Yarlagadda admitted to being pleased about Baahubali 2 achieving the distinction of the seventh most trending movie on Google, “We weren’t surprised when we learnt that it was the most searched topic in India. But it came as a pleasant surprise when the film made it as the seventh most trending movie on Google search engine. That certainly speaks a lot about the international reach of the film. It is an indication of how an extraordinarily well-made film can cross all language barriers and make its way into the hearts of the audiences, irrespective of all factors.,” the producer said, adding that the film had struck a chord with the audiences from day one, “It also achieved the distinction of having the highest TRP ratings when it was premiered on television. We are happy that the audiences hailed the film all over,” he said.