American rapper, Maejor Ali sends special greetings of the season to friend, Urvashi Rautela on Christmas Day

The actress says that the Christmas season revives the nostalgia of close friends and reviving old ties from her childhood days.

By Manishaa R

It is Christmas Day and as celebrities gear up for party time, actress Urvashi Rautela is busy connecting with her friends, some of whom have kept in touch with her over the years.  The big Christmas message she received this morning though was from her special friend, American rapper, Maejor Ali, who sent her a special message. Urvashi admits that she was delighted to receive the message from the singer and record producer, who had hosted her during her last visit to Los Angeles, six months ago, “He sent me a text message and I sent him Christmas wishes too but these long distance friendships are really very painful because you can’t meet your friends often even if you would want to. Thanks to this digital era that we can at least stay connected,” she says.

According to the actress, Christmas is a season that she has always cherished over the years from her childhood days, “It revives the nostalgia of school days and the good times I spent with my friends in Uttarakhand. I studied in St Joseph Academy in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and I vividly remember my growing up years in school when we would celebrate the entire Christmas week. I and my friends would also make it a point to pay obeisance to the St Joseph church in Kotdwar, Uttarakhand, the second biggest church in Asia,” the actress recalls. The big excitement was the surprise gift from Santa Claus, who would come with a big bag of goodies, ”We would all wait for the Santa to come down and shower us with those special gifts. Later we would have a grand party in the evening on Christmas Day,” she smiles.

“I vividly remember my growing up years at school in Uttrakhand when we would celebrate the entire Christmas week”- Urvashi Rautela

According to the actress the one thing she loves about Christmas is the joy, festivity and the universal appeal, “Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries in the world and the spirit is universal. There is so much of bonding and connecting with friends and I love the spirit,” she says.

Urvashi will be next seen playing the protagonist in Hate Story 4, which is due for release in March 2018, “The movie is different from any of the earlier sequels. It is a one of a kind role that would set audiences thinking. I am eagerly looking forward to the film’s release,” she says.