“I love the energy and vibe while performing live, says Urvashi Rautela after enthralling Kolkata audiences on New Year’s Eve

The actress talks about her life-long passion for dance and why live concerts inspire her

By Manishaa R

She has been to Kolkata on several occasions earlier but actress Urvashi Rautela describes her Hasta La Vista event on New Year’s Eve as one of her most exciting performances in recent times. Reports suggest that the huge crowds who had gathered at Ekante Island, Eco Park to witness the high voltage spectacle, went berserk as the actress gyrated to some of the most popular numbers in recent times, including her own Haseenon Ka Deewana number in Kaabil.

Urvashi recalled her experience and the great connect she shared with the audiences, “I have performed to some of the most vibrant crowds in the past but this was something different. There was a different energy and vibe and the feeling was amazing. I wanted the Kolkata audiences to usher the New Year in a unique way and they were thrilled,” she said. She also remembered her recent live-wire act in UAE at the Sharjah International Cricket Stadium, when she performed for her Dubai fans, “That was another novel experience. I wanted to do something different and I performed an Arabic dance form especially for my Dubai audiences. It was an exhilarating experience,” she revealed.

The actress said that performing live in front of thousands of fans gave her a new high, “I am extremely passionate about dancing but when I take to the dance floor at a concert, there is so much more excitement since the audiences are right there in front of you giving you a direct feedback,” she said, adding that she loved to choreograph her own act with creative dance moves.

Talking about her life-long connect to dance, Urvashi recalled an incident in her childhood days when she choreographed a number for a school function, “I was just 12 years old then. I used to choreograph dance numbers for school events and conduct dance classes for free for the kids living in my area. One of the numbers I taught to a student was the ‘Dil Mein Mere Dard E Disco’, which shaped up so well that the six year old won the first prize in the school competition. It prodded me to pursue dance further. I am very creative about my dance moves and it comes to me very instinctively. I think it’s gifted,” she said.

“I remember I had choreographed the Shah Rukh Khan number, ‘Dil Mein Mere Dard E Disco’ at the age of 12 for a school concert for which my six year old dance student won the first prize” – Urvashi Rautela

Interestingly, Urvashi is said to have choreographed two of the dance numbers in her forthcoming film, Hate Story 4, “I have added my own creative inputs to the two very catchy numbers but I have done it unofficially but it gave a whole new dimension to the way the numbers finally shaped up,” she said.


Celebrities, friends and fans welcome #RajnikanthPoliticalentry term it as game changer in TN politics

Twitter and social media are abuzz with Rajnikanth’s dashing entry into politics and his power-packed speech, even as fans and friends salute the #Thalaiva

By Manishaa R

More than a fortnight ago on the eve of his 67th birthday on December 12, Rajnikanth’s good friend, producer Rockline Venkatesh, who had produced Lingaa with him, had made a prophetic statement about the superstar’s entry into politics, “He has his timeless charisma on screen but he also has the charisma, determination and honesty to bring about a change, if he enters politics and it is time he did so,” Venkatesh said.

Venkatesh, who has also distributed some of Rajnikanth’s biggest films like Kabali in Karnataka, said that Rajnikanth could bring about a profound change in the politics of Tamil Nadu, if he decided to enter politics, “If he steps into politics he will hundred percent successful, as he has succeeded in his film career. That’s because he has a great concern for the people of the state and every word of his is valued by millions of his fans all over. He has the ability to put Tamil Nadu on a prominent place on the map of India,” he said.

Rajnikanth’s brief but power-packed speech is a true reflection of Venkatesh’s words and millions of people in Tamil Nadu perceive the Thalaiva. Justifying his decision to take the big leap into politics, the superstar said, “People from the other states are frowning upon us. Even after all this, if I am going to stay quiet, my conscience will prick me to the day I die. This is the state and you are the people who are the reason I am living today.” His speech also showed that he was determined to make a difference, “Before the state election, we will discuss what we can do and what we cannot. If we don’t do what we promise, we will resign within three years. We will be running spiritual politics,” he said, announcing his decision to contest all the 234 constituencies in the next state elections of Tamil Nadu he

Meanwhile Rajnikanth’s entry into politics has been welcomed by celebrities and friends across all genres. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who has always shared a great relationship with Rajnikanth was among the first to welcome Rajnikanth’s announcement, “My dear friend, my colleague and a humble considerate human  Rajnikanth, announces his decision to enter politics…my best wishes to him for his success.”

Veteran filmmaker and distributor N.R. Pachisia, was also among the ones who had great things to say about Rajnikanth, “He gave his heart and soul to his art form and entertained the people of TN and the rest of country. His intention will receive as much love and humbleness as he announces his political entry,” his tweet read.

“My dear friend, my colleague and a humble considerate human Rajnikanth, announces his decision to enter politics…my best wishes to him for his success”- Amitabh Bachchan

Noted Tamil movie distributor, Ranga Subramaniam, who has distributed more than 65 movies n Tamil, described Rajnikanth as the next big force after MGR to enter politics, “After MGR the real force has arrived. Game-changer” he posted on his twitter account. In another tweet he said, “2021 TN CM Welcome Thalaivaa. 234 out of 234. Thalaiva.”

Rajnikanth’s great friend Mohan Babu also welcomed the decision, “I wish my good friend @superstarrajini the very best. I am sure he will be the much needed change,” he tweeted.

Author, political analyst and columnist, Manobala Vijayabalan, said that Rajnikanth would make a difference to the state of Tami Nadu, “Superstar Rajnikanth’s political entry will surely bring the much needed change TN and India is looking for,” his tweet read.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra was also among those who admitted to being hugely impressed by Rajnikant’s speech, “If Tamil Nadu was a stock, I would be bullish and going long on it right now,” Mahindra posted on his Twitter handle in response to Rajnikant’s statement “if we don’t deliver, let’s resign in three years.”

Interestingly, China’s Xinhua News also took note of the development about the superstar’s decision to launch his party and enter politics to bring about a change.




Will Sanjay Bhansali accede to CBFC directive ordering 26 extensive cuts and title change in #Padmavati?

Every maker is free to challenge the CBFC directive in the Tribunal or a Higher Court; it had happened in Udta Punjab too, says former CBFC chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani

By Manishaa R

With the CBFC reportedly ordering three disclaimers, a change in the title and 26 cuts including deletion of all realistic references to Mewar and Chittorgarh in Padmavati, the big question is whether the producers Viacom 18 and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali would agree to the extensive modifications. According to a confidential source, Bhansali was said to be extremely unhappy with the suggested cuts some of which were crucial to the story-telling but were against the idea of approaching the Film Appellate Tribunal, considering that the release of the film was already delayed. Apparently, the makers were now looking at following the CBFC directives and going ahead with the stipulated 9th February release. This is also evident from reports suggesting that the overseas release of Padmavati has been confirmed for February 9 in Canada and US.

Among the three disclaimers which are sought to be placed at the beginning, end and after the interval, are references to historical locations, Queen Padmini and the Ghoomar song, besides other pointers which reflect the authenticity of the storyline. But the biggest setback is the directive to now rename the film, Padmavat, which would imply that the story would be entirely based on the epic poem written by Malik Muhammad Jyasi.

Meanwhile Pahlaj Nihalani has lashed out at the ongoing CBFC chief for succumbing to political pressure and delaying the release of Padmavati thereby causing huge losses to the producers and the entire film industry, “This is a complete loss to the producer and the industry, simply because of the delay caused by the CBFC in viewing the film. As per the rules, the CBFC should have watched the film independently, without allowing the body to come under pressure from the Government. It is very obvious that there was a political move to delay the film,” Nihalani said.

The former CBFC Chairperson pointed out that the protests and the subsequent political pressure would not have come into play if the film had been cleared on time, “The problems intensified after the delay in the clearance.  The CBFC could have seen the film as per the queue of applications and ordered any number of cuts as per the guidelines,” he said.

This is a complete loss to the producer and industry, caused by the CBFC delay in viewing the film. As per the rules, CBFC should have watched the film independently without allowing the body to come under pressure from the Government- Pahlaj Nihalani, former CBFC chief

Nihalani also said that filmmakers, who were not satisfied with the cuts ordered by CBFC, were free to challenge it in the Tribunal or a higher court, “I am not aware about the cuts and modifications but it all depends on the maker and whether or not he is happy with the suggested cuts. He has full liberty to go to the Film Appellate Tribunal or a higher court if he is not in a hurry to release the film,” Nihalani said. He cited the instance of the Shahid Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer, Udta Punjab, when he was the Chairperson and the CBFC had ordered 13 cuts in the film, “The producers went to court, appealing against the decision and the film was released with minimal cuts. The court had upheld the freedom of expression of the makers,” he said. At that time the Bombay High Court had directed the CBFC to issue certification to the film with an ‘A’ certificate and a modified disclaimer, adding that a filmmaker had the right to his creative freedom of expression.



American rapper, Maejor Ali sends special greetings of the season to friend, Urvashi Rautela on Christmas Day

The actress says that the Christmas season revives the nostalgia of close friends and reviving old ties from her childhood days.

By Manishaa R

It is Christmas Day and as celebrities gear up for party time, actress Urvashi Rautela is busy connecting with her friends, some of whom have kept in touch with her over the years.  The big Christmas message she received this morning though was from her special friend, American rapper, Maejor Ali, who sent her a special message. Urvashi admits that she was delighted to receive the message from the singer and record producer, who had hosted her during her last visit to Los Angeles, six months ago, “He sent me a text message and I sent him Christmas wishes too but these long distance friendships are really very painful because you can’t meet your friends often even if you would want to. Thanks to this digital era that we can at least stay connected,” she says.

According to the actress, Christmas is a season that she has always cherished over the years from her childhood days, “It revives the nostalgia of school days and the good times I spent with my friends in Uttarakhand. I studied in St Joseph Academy in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and I vividly remember my growing up years in school when we would celebrate the entire Christmas week. I and my friends would also make it a point to pay obeisance to the St Joseph church in Kotdwar, Uttarakhand, the second biggest church in Asia,” the actress recalls. The big excitement was the surprise gift from Santa Claus, who would come with a big bag of goodies, ”We would all wait for the Santa to come down and shower us with those special gifts. Later we would have a grand party in the evening on Christmas Day,” she smiles.

“I vividly remember my growing up years at school in Uttrakhand when we would celebrate the entire Christmas week”- Urvashi Rautela

According to the actress the one thing she loves about Christmas is the joy, festivity and the universal appeal, “Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries in the world and the spirit is universal. There is so much of bonding and connecting with friends and I love the spirit,” she says.

Urvashi will be next seen playing the protagonist in Hate Story 4, which is due for release in March 2018, “The movie is different from any of the earlier sequels. It is a one of a kind role that would set audiences thinking. I am eagerly looking forward to the film’s release,” she says.



Baahubali 2 to be the grand year-ending attraction for Japanese audiences on December 29

By Manishaa R

It looks like Baahubali 2 may well continue with its world box-office conquest till early next year. After achieving its latest feat of being the world’s seventh most trending movie on Google search engine and the most searched topic in India, the magnum opus is all set for a grand release in Japan on December 29 this year. The film is being released by Twin Co, a leading production and distribution house in Japan, which had also released the first installment of Baahubali.  Except that the second installment is being planned for a far bigger release in comparison to the first.  Confirming the December 29 release date of Baahuabali 2 in Japan, Kishore Kedari, Business Development and Distribution Head of Arka Media Works, the producers of the film said that the Japanese distributors were well-informed about the epic response to the film in India, “Twin Co are the same distributors who released the first installment and they are well aware of the success of the film in India. They understand the huge scale of the film in terms of its box-office success all over,” Kedari said.

According to producer Shobu Yarlagadda, there is a great pre-release excitement surrounding the release of the film in Japan, “The first installment of Baahubali was released on a small scale in Japan but looking at the curiosity and the anticipation for Baahubali 2, it is being released in a good number of 45-50 screens,” Yarlagadda said.

“The fact that it has emerged as the 7th most trending movie on Google speaks a lot about the international reach of the film” – Shobu Yarlagadda

Yarlagadda admitted to being pleased about Baahubali 2 achieving the distinction of the seventh most trending movie on Google, “We weren’t surprised when we learnt that it was the most searched topic in India. But it came as a pleasant surprise when the film made it as the seventh most trending movie on Google search engine. That certainly speaks a lot about the international reach of the film. It is an indication of how an extraordinarily well-made film can cross all language barriers and make its way into the hearts of the audiences, irrespective of all factors.,” the producer said, adding that the film had struck a chord with the audiences from day one, “It also achieved the distinction of having the highest TRP ratings when it was premiered on television. We are happy that the audiences hailed the film all over,” he said.



Tiger Zinda Hai now a “certified blockbuster” say exhibitors citing audience and critics’ reactions

Exhibitors expect movie to set new benchmark at box-office going by record non-holiday opening day collections for Hindi film

By Manishaa R

Exhibitors, who have been going berserk in the past few days over the advance bookings for Tiger Zinda Hai, are delighted with the first day audience reactions to the film across all theatres. Noted exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, who runs a chain of cinemas across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, feels that the Salman starrer will definitely set the record for being the highest grossing Hindi movie of the year, besides the highest opening day collections for a Hindi movie this year, “It is already on its way to setting the record for the biggest opening day of the year for a Hindi film, in the range of Rs 35 cr. Also, it’s a movie that the exhibition market is expecting to be the highest grossing Hindi film of 2017 this year,” he says.

Salman is back with his super-hero quotient and the masses are loving it

According to Rathi the masses are going overboard with Salman’s act in the film, “The film is high on entertainment and Salman is back with his superhero quotient. The audiences are going crazy.  Salman had deviated from his image in Tubelight but he is back playing to the gallery and giving his audiences exactly what they want,” Rathi insists adding that the film is replete with moments that will stay in the minds of audiences, “There are some great moments in the movie where you want to clap and cheer and these fantastic moments are there from the beginning to the end.” Like all other distributors and exhibitors, he is gratified with the response to the film, “We are playing the movie across all our screens and we are delighted that the film has given exhibitors a new reason to smile. It is a happy day for all of us in the trade,” Rathi says.

Rathi is not the only exhibitor who is raving about the first day reactions to the film. According to Joginder Mahajan, who controls the 985 seater Gagan theatre in Delhi and is also the General Secretary of the Motion Pictures Association, Delhi, the audiences are connecting with Tiger Zinda Hai in a big way, “Salman Khan fans are loving all the action,” he says. However he is a little weary about the many screens that the film is playing in, “The problem is that it is playing in all the shows in all the screens in every nook and corner, which is a big limitation. There are just too many shows of the same film which can hinder business at times,” he says.

“Salman had deviated from his image in Tubelight but he is back playing to the gallery and giving his audiences exactly what they want,” – Akshaye Rathi, Leading exhibitor

C.I exhibitor, Mukesh Shah, of Regal cinema, Indore, feels that the film will go a long way in bringing relief to exhibitors, “The biggest advantage of the film is that it has also got critical appreciation besides commercial response. The film has got a rating of three and a half and above from all critics,” he says.

It is not just about the advance booking, it is a certified blockbuster now

Exhibitor Vishek Chauhan, who had last compared the pre-release craze for Tiger Zinda Hai, with the advance booking of Baahubali, feels that Salman has nailed it with his performance in the film, “I can gauge from the audience reaction and the critical reviews that it is a certified blockbuster. Salman has delivered and he has not disappointed his fans. Bhai is back in his element, the way the masses like to see him. Now that the film has been liked, the next one week could take the collections even further. This film will definitely cross the Rs 300 cr mark and could well touch Rs 350 cr business, going by the euphoria,” Chauhan says.

Critics have hailed it too

Meanwhile, critics seem to be going-gaga-over the film, giving it a unanimous thumbs-up in terms of its production values, making, performances and direction. Noted movie critic Taran Adarsh has upheld the film in a series of tweets, congratulating director Ali Abbas Zaffar for delivering “an eminently watchable film. No two opinions about it… Final word? #TigerZindaHai delivers what it promises: King-sized entertainment,” his tweet reads.

Veteran movie industry tracker and social media analyst, Ramesh Bala has given the film three and a quarter stars out of five, stating that Salman has lived up to the expectations of his fans, “A Geo-political Action Entertainer set in Iraq.. @BeingSalmanKhan owns the Tiger franchise & delivers what fans expect.. #KatrinaKaif does fantastic stunts.. Really magnanimous of Salman bhai to let her do so much stunts.. A gud holiday entertainer”, his tweet reads.

Mayank Shekhar of Mid-day has also hailed the return of Salman Khan, “And yeah, Salman is very much back to being Salman, deviating not once from the script, unlike with ‘Tubelight’ (earlier in the year), which left Sal-maniacs so pissed that he had to frickin’ return money to distributors,” he says in his review.



Tiger Zinda Hai could well be the next Baahubali at the box-office, say excited distributors and exhibitors

By Manishaa R

Exhibitors and distributors who had been lying low due to dismal state of the box-office in the past several weeks are in a jubilant mood, with the phenomenal advance booking for Tiger Zindai Hai. The Salman-Katrina starrer has brought a fresh wave of relief to exhibitors whose theatres were virtually starved of business post Diwali.  The unprecedented craze for the film set to release in the Christmas week, is such that exhibitors are falling over each other to book the film at their theatres.

Going by the advance booking, there seems to be a hurricane in the offing at the box-office, says Rajasthan distributor Raj Bansal

According to Rajasthan distributor Raj Bansal, the film could well be released in the largest number of screens not only in Rajasthan but all over India, “The extraordinary demand for the film is so high that the screens are on the increase every few minutes. It is like a hurricane effect at the box-office. God willing, the number could be much larger than I had initially planned,” Bansal reveals adding that he had last released the Salman starrer Sultan, in a record 150 screens in Rajasthan, “But Tiger Zinda Hai is expected to go way beyond that number. Right now it is difficult to estimate the screen count,” he says. He is also looking at the film setting new records for its opening business in the territory, “We are expecting a business in the range of Rs 32 cr plus on day one, which could be a record for a non-holiday opening day on December 22. There has been no film which has achieved that feat so far,” he prophesizes.

According to him the extraordinary demand for the film had to do with several factors, one of them being the fact that it was a Salman starrer releasing solo without any opposition in the Christmas week, “Generally there are at least two releases in the Christmas week apart from the exception of Dangal, which had also had a solo release. Also the fact that the release of Padmavati got postpone proved to be an added advantage for Tiger Zinda Hai, since there was no big film after Golmaal Again. Also the first installment Ek Tha Tiger had proved to be a huge success at the box-office which doubled the anticipation for this film,” Bansal explains.

It could be the next Baahubali at the box-office, says Bihar exhibitor Vishek Chauhan

Bansal is not the only one who is excited about the phenomenal pre-release curiosity about Tiger Zinda Hai. Leading Bihar exhibitor, Vishek Chauhan, who controls a chain of nine prominent theatres in the region, describes the film as the “next Baahubali” at the box-office, “There is something incredible and unusual about the craze for the film. We don’t get to see this kind of magic every time a film releases and it has not happened for a previous Salman starrer too. It is even bigger than a Bajrangi Bhaijaan or a Dangal. Gauging from the extraordinary trend, the opening could well be on par with Baahubali if the advance booking continues at this pace. Moreover this is happening all over India. I am told that a leading single screen theatre in Delhi has now opened the bookings for the following week in view of the huge demand. Exhibitors can well expect to close the year on a grand note,” Chauhan states.

“There is something incredible and unusual about the craze for the film. Gauging from the extraordinary trend, the opening could well be on par with Baahubali if the advance booking continues at this pace” – Vishek Chauhan, leading distributor and exhibitor

The ecstatic Bihar exhibitor attributes the anticipation for the film to several factors one of them being the fact that it is part of a successful franchise, “First of all let’s face the fact that theatres have been facing a drought of films after the postponement of Padmavati release. Apart from that, the most important factor at play here is the fact that it is a sequel to Ek Tha Tiger, which got an exceptional response at the box-office. We had seen the same factor in the Golmaal franchise, which blew the lid off the box-office. Also Tiger is the most celebrated character of Salman and the pair of Tiger and Zoya makes for a great branding. The anticipation is sky-high and then you put Salman Khan into the frame and package it in the Christmas holidays, which makes it the biggest ever film to capture the imagination of the audiences,” Chauhan articulates.

Salman is back big-time with his mass-connect- Song, Dance and Action

Apparently the audiences are also excited about the fact that Salman is back in action. Says Chauhan, “He experimented with Tubelight and now he is back to square one in his most celebrated image, high on action and romance. We are happy that Bhai is back,” adding that the biggest plus point of Tiger Zinda Hai is the scale of the film, “That’s a big attraction and the audiences are well aware of the scale of the film,” he says.

Multiplex exhibitors also admit that they are excited about the exceptional advance booking. According to Rajender Singh Jyala, Chief Programming Officer of INOX Leisure Limited, “The advance booking trends are strong and extraordinary and this is definitely happening after a long time. The focus seems to be even more on the film, since the release of Padmavati got cancelled. Also after Golmaal sequel, there was no film that worked at the box-office. We are all counting on Tiger Zinda Hai, to bring back the numbers at the box-office.”

Salman is the hero of the masses and we want them to celebrate him, says Manoj Desai

Mumbai exhibitor, Manoj Desai, has the last word, “There is no doubt that there is a huge craze for the film and the holiday season is adding to pre-release anticipation. Unlike other theatres who have hiked their admission rates, to cash on the excitement, we are firm about our commitment to our audiences at G-7 multiplex. We want the audiences to enjoy the film at our existing rates. Salman is the hero of the masses and we do not want to deprive the masses of enjoying a Salman film. We want the masses to celebrate him,” Desai quips.



Salman Khan came up with beautiful creative inputs for Swag Se Swagat, reveals song producer Meghdeep Bose

By Manishaa R

More than a fortnight after the Swag Se Swagat number from Tiger Zinda Hai, took the social media by storm with its record-breaking views and likes, the number continues to cast its magical spell on the audiences. The scintillating composition even got the audiences grooving when Salman Khan performed to the beats of the song at his recent Delhi concert. However few are aware about the kind of detailing and hard work that went behind the making of the number that left an indelible mark on the minds of Salman fans.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted a very young feel for the number

According to song producer, Meghdeep Bose, Swag Se Swagat was designed to connect with Salman’s huge fan-base from the day it was conceptualized and recorded, “It was one of Vishal-Shekhar’s extraordinary compositions written by Irshad Kamil with the catch phrase, ‘Swag Se Swagat Tak’.  However director Ali Abbas Zaffar wanted a very young feel for the number way apart from the sound that was evident in earlier Salman Khan starrers. I was assigned the job of making it really unique and different in terms of its music arrangement, since I am known to work differently on every composition,” Bose stated.

The Indore-born music producer who had earlier produced the song, Main Hoon Hero Tera for Armaan Mallik, which was also rendered by Salman Khan, decided to reinvent himself working out on several permutations and combinations, “The idea was to give it an all-new feel in terms of the beats and the music arrangement. Also since it was my first dance track and the first time I was working with music composers, Vishal-Shekhar, I wanted to do full justice to the song.”

Salman came up with some beautiful creative inputs keeping in mind his fans and followers

What got him thrilled though was the way Salman was l tuned into the number when it was first presented to him in the studio, “We had just made the mukhda, the basic signature tune and the first verse of the song when it was presented to Salman. He seemed to be absolutely delighted with the way the melody had shaped up,”  Bose recalled adding that Salman was very keen that the song establish a connect with his huge fan-base, “While working with Salman I realized that he cares for his fans and goes out of his way to make them happy. So when he was the studio listening to a song, he was very particular about the number that he wanted to serve to his audiences. He came up with some creative beautiful inputs for the number,” Bose revealed.

It is a known fact that Salman Khan has a great sense of music and works towards it in each of his film. Bose was also taken in by Salman’s huge exposure to music and the way he interpreted sound, “I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to is very spectral from across the world. He has an excellent feel for music.”

Having a superstar like Salman for a track definitely gives it great exposure

According to Bose, in his career he had never produced songs with the idea of making them viral, be it Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon from Hate Story 3, Tu Bhoola Jise from Airlift, Besabriyaan from MS Dhoni or Main Hoon Hero Tera from Hero, “I don’t work on a song with the idea of its commercial success.  There is definitely a huge consciousness, but it is not about making the song a hit but making sure that I am doing full justice to it. It is a challenge and a thrill to translate a composer’s dream because it plays a decisive role on how people eventually perceive the song. If I play a note differently, the whole composition and its perspective may change. Nevertheless, every song that I have produced for a film, be it Main Hoon Hero Tera or Bol Do No Zara, has gone way above the 100 million mark on YouTube.,” Bose said.

I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to, is very spectral from across the world- Music producer, Meghdeep Bose

There is a general perception that if a superstar of the stature of Salman Khan is associated with a song, it invariably makes its mark on the audiences because of the sheer charisma of the star, irrespective of the composition but Bose had a different opinion, “The presence of a star no doubt elevates the visibility of a particular number. A superstar like Salman Khan being on track definitely gives huge exposure but then a great song is a great song. If the content is lovely and liked by people, it will anyway go viral. I f you look back, there are some songs which made their way to become huge hits, despite the lack of superstars. It is like a river finding its way into the ocean,” Bose avers.

While the Swag Se Swagat number has now become the anthem of Salman Khan’s forthcoming film, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bose admitted that he never had the opportunity of interacting with the superstar, “Salman doesn’t know me personally. I am not aware whether he is aware about me but song producers are not known generally and even production houses are focused on music composers. But I am happy that I am part of a very successful Salman Khan number for the second time after Main Hoon Hero Tera. I am very grateful to Vishal-Shekhar for that. I am glad that I have done justice to their dream composition,” he quipped.



Athiya Shetty to launch her own fashion label

The actress, a fashionista in her own right, seems to have taken after her father, Sunil Shetty’s business acumen.

In his hey days, when he was a successful actor, Sunil Shetty decided to get out of his comfort zone and venture into business, starting with his Mischief boutique and subsequently diversifying into the restaurant and real estate business. Sunil Shetty’s daughter, Athiya, seems to be taking after her father as far as her business acumen goes. The actress, who is lately being hailed for her chic sartorial choices, is seriously toying with the idea of launching her own clothing label for youngsters.

According to a source, the actress is in talks with a leading fashion brand to launch her own clothing line. Apparently the team associated with the brand, was impressed with Athiya’s red carpet appearances and her fashion statements, besides the creative inputs she shared with them. The source informs, “Athiya is known for her fashion sensibilities. She is a hit when it comes to red carpet appearances and nails the high street fashion. After meetings with the brand, the young actor shared her creative inputs and the kind of audience who follow her. The team will now revert to the actor with the final plan. The actor is quite excited about starting a new venture and is glad to be a part of the initiative.”

Incidentally, Athiya shares a great following among the college-going youth. The style statement she has been making with sequins, cold shoulder tops, the eclectic mix of Indo-Western clothes and stripes have all gone down very well with her young fans. The actress confirmed the news on this new development, “Yes, I have been approached to launch my own clothing line. I am looking forward to it and will soon make an official announcement,” she said.