The verdict comes as a big victory for filmmakers, says Vipul Shah

According to the Force 2 producer, film and television producers will now have the freedom to work without constraints.

By Manishaa R

Filmmaker Vipul Shah has hailed the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) recent verdict ordering the FWICE and its 20 associated crafts associations to “cease and desist from continuing with unlawful practices such as insisting on producers to employ only FWICE members or visiting producer sets for vigilance.”  The Namastey London producer, who had filed a complaint against the FWICE, said it was a big victory not just for the producers, but also the entire industry work force, “Since the judgment has come more than 50 technicians have sent me messages thanking me. If they were unhappy with the producers, they wouldn’t have done it. It has only strengthened my belief that the problem is with the office bearers in the Federation and not with the work force,” Shah said, adding that producers could now work more creatively without any constraints, “It is about the freedom to choose which I think is the most important thing.”

According to Shah, who had last produced Commando 2, the order would facilitate producers to negotiate their own terms when working with technicians and artists of their choice. “The problem was with the way the Federation wanted to function- a person who was one day old and 30-year old had to be paid the same price, according to the Federation directives. All that will now become fair. We will be still working with the same core team and creative people but the sword of constant harassment will be stopped. Also unit members and producers will now share a very good equation with each other,” Shah said.

Shah’s immediate decision to go to court in 2014, at that time was when he had to put off the idea of starting a small-budget film due to the severe constraints of FWICE, “The diktats were such at that time that small budget films were suffering the most. I was supposed to start a very high content small budget film but looking at the existing demands of the Federation, I had to put the film on hold. It would not have been financially possible to go ahead with the film with one sided rules and regulations made by the Federation. The verdict will make a big difference to small budget films,” he revealed.

Best known for his Namastey London, Shah who is set to next start his film, Namastey Canada said that a majority of producers were going through constant duress due to a FWICE directive compelling producers to work with members on terms spelled out by the Federation, “It had come to a point where the producer’s self respect was at stake on a daily basis. Secondly the whole vigilante team would raid the sets of producers to do a recheck and create chaos. The order now restricts them from entering on any sets, or even threatening their workers to walk out from the sets. This will create a smooth functioning of the shoot,” Shah revealed, adding that he tried to have meetings with the Federation members in order to resolve the issue. “They were in no mood to listen. So I thought somebody had to put the situation in the right perspective after which I filed the case. Now that the Honourable Competition Commission of India has given a legal verdict, they will not have any choice but to abide by it.,” he said.

Meanwhile the producer fraternity has welcomed the decision. The Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association, the oldest producer body, has advised its member producers that they are free to work with artistes, technicians and workers of their choice and no association has the right to cause any hindrance in their work.

I was supposed to start a very high content small budget film but looking at the existing demands of the Federation, I had to put the film on hold. It would not have been financially possible to go ahead



Carnival Cinemas to provide 24×7 security cover at all its screens

While the top five multiplex chains vie with each other to provide the best of amenities to their customers, Carnival Cinemas has often gone out of its way to ensure that its patrons get the best services at affordable admission rates. Now Carnival cinemas has gone one step further by becoming the first chain of multiplexes in India to exclusively provide total security and safety measures to its customers. The multiplex giant has tied up with Mumbai-based Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd, to provide complete electronic security cover to visitors at its 324 screens spread across 118 locations in 89 cities. The electronic security cover will consist of complete surveillance systems through installation of CCTVs. As a unique feature, cinegoers visiting Carnival Cinemas’ theatres at the night shows will also get a customized mobile security application called Ziman on each movie ticket bought. Ziman which when triggered by an individual sends out a text message to three of the individual’s family members/loved ones, after which the Ziman customer assistant calls up the individuals to know their whereabouts as well as assist them in combating a critical situation, within a span of ten seconds. Through this mobile application Carnival Cinemas will be able to provide complete safety and security to all the visitors right from the point of entry till they do not reach home safely.
According to Mr PV Sunil, CEO and Director, Carnival Films Pvt. Ltd, Carnival is going that extra mile to ensure that moviegoers get a sense of being safe with Zicom, thus enhancing the overall experience. “Security issues have become daily part of our lives and movie theatre is a place of comfort. If you look at the industry, you will see a lot of renovation, specifically targeting customer amenities like reclining seats and variety of concession items. Carnival Cinemas always wants to make sure that our patrons are safe.”

By Manishaa R