Celebrities, friends and fans welcome #RajnikanthPoliticalentry term it as game changer in TN politics

Twitter and social media are abuzz with Rajnikanth’s dashing entry into politics and his power-packed speech, even as fans and friends salute the #Thalaiva

By Manishaa R

More than a fortnight ago on the eve of his 67th birthday on December 12, Rajnikanth’s good friend, producer Rockline Venkatesh, who had produced Lingaa with him, had made a prophetic statement about the superstar’s entry into politics, “He has his timeless charisma on screen but he also has the charisma, determination and honesty to bring about a change, if he enters politics and it is time he did so,” Venkatesh said.

Venkatesh, who has also distributed some of Rajnikanth’s biggest films like Kabali in Karnataka, said that Rajnikanth could bring about a profound change in the politics of Tamil Nadu, if he decided to enter politics, “If he steps into politics he will hundred percent successful, as he has succeeded in his film career. That’s because he has a great concern for the people of the state and every word of his is valued by millions of his fans all over. He has the ability to put Tamil Nadu on a prominent place on the map of India,” he said.

Rajnikanth’s brief but power-packed speech is a true reflection of Venkatesh’s words and millions of people in Tamil Nadu perceive the Thalaiva. Justifying his decision to take the big leap into politics, the superstar said, “People from the other states are frowning upon us. Even after all this, if I am going to stay quiet, my conscience will prick me to the day I die. This is the state and you are the people who are the reason I am living today.” His speech also showed that he was determined to make a difference, “Before the state election, we will discuss what we can do and what we cannot. If we don’t do what we promise, we will resign within three years. We will be running spiritual politics,” he said, announcing his decision to contest all the 234 constituencies in the next state elections of Tamil Nadu he

Meanwhile Rajnikanth’s entry into politics has been welcomed by celebrities and friends across all genres. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who has always shared a great relationship with Rajnikanth was among the first to welcome Rajnikanth’s announcement, “My dear friend, my colleague and a humble considerate human  Rajnikanth, announces his decision to enter politics…my best wishes to him for his success.”

Veteran filmmaker and distributor N.R. Pachisia, was also among the ones who had great things to say about Rajnikanth, “He gave his heart and soul to his art form and entertained the people of TN and the rest of country. His intention will receive as much love and humbleness as he announces his political entry,” his tweet read.

“My dear friend, my colleague and a humble considerate human Rajnikanth, announces his decision to enter politics…my best wishes to him for his success”- Amitabh Bachchan

Noted Tamil movie distributor, Ranga Subramaniam, who has distributed more than 65 movies n Tamil, described Rajnikanth as the next big force after MGR to enter politics, “After MGR the real force has arrived. Game-changer” he posted on his twitter account. In another tweet he said, “2021 TN CM Welcome Thalaivaa. 234 out of 234. Thalaiva.”

Rajnikanth’s great friend Mohan Babu also welcomed the decision, “I wish my good friend @superstarrajini the very best. I am sure he will be the much needed change,” he tweeted.

Author, political analyst and columnist, Manobala Vijayabalan, said that Rajnikanth would make a difference to the state of Tami Nadu, “Superstar Rajnikanth’s political entry will surely bring the much needed change TN and India is looking for,” his tweet read.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra was also among those who admitted to being hugely impressed by Rajnikant’s speech, “If Tamil Nadu was a stock, I would be bullish and going long on it right now,” Mahindra posted on his Twitter handle in response to Rajnikant’s statement “if we don’t deliver, let’s resign in three years.”

Interestingly, China’s Xinhua News also took note of the development about the superstar’s decision to launch his party and enter politics to bring about a change.




Rajnikanth’s charisma is timeless, says his close friend and Kabali distributor, Rockline Venkatesh

By Manishaa R

It is Rajnikanth’s 67th birthday today and the internet is flooded with birthday wishes from millions of his ardent fans, who worship him, an indication of his immense popularity among his fans. According to the superstar’s close friend, producer, distributor and exhibitor, Rockline Venkatesh, Rajnikanth’s charisma will never die, irrespective of his age, “His charisma is timeless. His superstardom has only grown over the years. Every movie he does takes him to another level. Age will never be a barrier for him,” Rockline asserts.

According to the eminent businessman, who had last distributed and released Rajnikanth’s Kabali in Karnataka, the cult following and the popularity commanded by the legendary actor, has a lot to with his ability to relate to the masses, “When he acts, he has a larger than life aura on screen and when he is off screen, people love his simplicity and humility. The best quality about him is that he never gets carried away by his superstardom. He is extremely good at heart, remembers his friends and well-wishers and values relationships. Above all, he is a selfless man,” he points out.

There was a time not so long ago when the superstar was all set to enter the political arena but later kept his plans on hold. Is it time Rajnikanth seriously looked at stepping into politics? Rockline feels that the legendary actor can make for a great politician considering his popularity quotient and the genuine concern he has for the people of his state, “I know for a fact that he cares for the people in Tamil Nadu. He does so much for charity but never speaks about it. He is full of great and revolutionary ideas and if he decides to firmly step into politics, he can put the state on a prominent level on the political map of India. Also his followers and fans value every word that he utters,” Rockline avers.

However like all successful people, Rajnikanth too has had his share of detractors who tried to pull his down once upon a time. Rockline admits that he has been a witness to the challenges faced by the superstar, when he produced Lingaa with him, “There were people with a vested agenda who tried to pull him down at that time by circulating misleading box-office reports about the film but the distributors who released the film know very well that it was a success. Rajni never gets affected by anything. He puts his heart and soul in every film he does and comes out invariably in flying colours,” Rockline insists.

I know for a fact that Rajnikanth cares for the people in Tamil Nadu. He is full of great and revolutionary ideas and if he decides to firmly step into politics, he can put the state on a prominent level on the political map of India-  Rockline Venkatesh, Rajnikanth’s friend and producer-distributor

The producer-distributor, who is all set to acquire Rajnikanth’s next film, 2.0 for the Karnataka territory, treasures the moments he spends with Rajnikanth, personally and professionally, “Given an opportunity, I would love to produce every movie with him. He is a professional to the core. On the other hand, as a friend, I cherish every moment I spend with him. What is truly adorable about him is that he never throws his weight around,” he says.

He recalls a recent meeting he had with the superstar in Bangalore, while he was on his way to Mantralayam, “Rajnikanth makes it a point to call me whenever he is in Bangalore and it was great catching up with him once again. This meeting too was truly special like always. He later went to Mantralayam, where he took the blessings of his guru, Raghavendra Swamy.” he reveals.

Few people are aware that Rajnikanth also caught up with a movie in a theatre on his way to Mantralayam, “He does that every time he visits Bangalore and Mantralayam. Like every time, he drove down this time too in an ordinary car and stopped mid-way to check out a movie in a small town theatre in the second show. The audiences there were completely oblivious of his presence. Thereafter he proceeded to the temple,” Rockline smiles adding that “there can be only one Rajnikanth in the history of filmmaking No one can beat his popularity. I wish him all the very best and I pray to God to give him a long life and peace of mind,” he quips.