Katrina Kaif’s popularity touches a new high with a record 8.5 million followers on Instagram

Post the success of Tiger Zinda Hai, in which she teamed up with Salman Khan, the actress’ popularity has been on the rise on the social media and the brand endorsement market

There was a time when Katrina Kaif was publicity shy and extra cautious of the social media. It was only after she made her Facebook debut on her birthday in 2016 that she began to cherish her association with her fans, with her lifestyle posts getting a tremendous response. Katrina Kaif, who preferred to stay away from social media for the longest time had a change of in heart as she created an online presence on Instagram, much to the excitement of her fans. Probably it was due to this feedback that she had a change of heart when she decided to create her online presence on Instagram last year in April 2017, “I joined Facebook and I wanted to get a hang of things. Instagram was something that I thought of at that time and honestly, I never revisited that thought. I do think now that all the concerns that were in my head were not completely valid,” she said.

“I’m sharing real moments with my followers and enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It is a personal reflection of me” – Katrina Kaif

The gorgeous actress made her debut with a sun- kissed and sans makeup picture and amassed followers soon after at a staggering pace. However post the success of Tiger Zinda Hai, her popularity has touched a new high. Moreover, she has now arrived at a milestone on Instagram with a record 8.5 million followers, who cherish every detail she offers in to her interesting life.

Her followers can see her sweating it out at the gym, while she is at shoots, chilling with friends on vacations, enjoying candid moments with family and clicking selfies before performances. Thoroughly entertaining, the account throws a spotlight on the actress’ life as she gets the best of both worlds, living it out in the glamorous film business and relaxing when in an off-work mode. Prior to this, Katrina was in the news for having the most entertaining celebrity Instagram account.

Says Katrina, “It took me a while to join Instagram. I was told that I would enjoy the interactions and follow new people I like, and that is exactly what has happened. I’m having fun. I’m sharing real moments with my followers and enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It is a personal reflection of me.”



YRF readies for massive Russia release of Tiger Zinda Hai after assessing huge potential for Salman Khan starrers

By Manishaa R

We are looking at Tiger Zinda Hai receiving a huge response in Russia, says Avtar Panesar, International Distribution Head, Yash Raj Films

The Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer, Tiger Zinda Hai, which set the box-office on fire in India, will be the first Hindi movie to have the widest ever release in Russia in an unprecedented 70 prints. According to Avtar Panesar, Vice President, International Operations, Yash Raj Films, the decision to line up a massive Russia release was made after assessing the huge potential for Salman Khan starrers in the otherwise untapped market in Russia, “Last year, we decided to test new waters and released Sultan across a few screens in Russia. The movie received a phenomenal response from audiences. That’s when we decided to up the ante with Tiger Zinda Hai,” Panesar revealed.

Yashraj is counting on the film receiving an exceptional response in Russia, “The response to the trailer has been excellent and we believe the movie will be loved by audiences across Russia. Also the movie has been dubbed in Russian and will release with the voiceovers, so it can connect excellently with the native people there,” Panesar said.

With Russia, Yash Raj Films is now set to explore the second phase of the film’s international business in non-traditional markets. “The movie has done fantastic business in Phase 1 in the traditional markets. Phase II begins with Russia and we are hoping the movie connects universally with non-Indian diaspora,” Panesar added.

“Last year, we decided to test new waters and released Sultan across a few screens in Russia. The movie received a phenomenal response from audiences” – Avtar Panesar, Vice President, International Operations, Yash Raj Films

It may be recalled that Ali Abbas Zafar’s spy action thriller starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, received an outstanding response in the overseas market. The film also succeeded in creating new records at the box-office, making Salman Khan only the second actor (after Aamir Khan) with three movies reaching the Rs 500 cr mark ($78 million) at the global box-office. The film also made it as the sixth highest Hindi grosser of all time.


Tiger Zinda Hai emerges highest grossing Salman starrer at Sri Lanka box-office

By Manishaa R

The film has redefined the following for Salman starrers in the market which is traditionally dominated by Shah Rukh and Salman Khan

While Tiger Zinda Hai recreated box-office history in several Indian and overseas territories, few are aware that the film also achieved the unique distinction of grossing the highest business for a Salman starrer in Sri Lanka. According to famed distributor Kalapi Nagada of Cinekorn Entertainment, Tiger Zinda Hai was hailed by audiences at the Srilankan box-office, despite the fact that the market is traditionally dominated by Shah Rukh Khan, “Both Shah Rukh and Aamir command a cult following in Sri Lanka, while Salman starrers are a big draw in the Middle East but Tiger Zinda Hai broke that pattern at the Srilankan box-office. It has also changed the way Salman starrers are perceived,” Kalapi revealed.

Kalapi who had also released the first installment Ek Tha Tiger and the Salman starrers, Kick and Sultan in Sri Lanka, added that the film had redefined the market for Salman starrers in the region, “The film did a business in the range of $1, 50,000 to $2,00,000, which is what Aamir and Shah Rukh starrers normally command there. It was exciting because the audiences were absolutely impressed with the action scenes and the entire packaging of the film. This is certainly one of the biggest Salman Khan grosser in Sri Lanka,” he said.

“Both Shah Rukh and Aamir command a cult following in Sri Lanka, while Salman starrers are a big draw in the Middle East but Tiger Zinda Hai broke that pattern at the Sri Lankan box-office”- Kalapi Nagada, Srilanka distributor, Tiger Zinda Hai

The distributor who is now readying for the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat in the region said that Sri Lanka was the next big market for Hindi films in South East Asia after Singapore, “There is a huge draw for Hindi cinema. It is almost on par with India as far as the inclination towards Hindi movies is concerned, with both the Tamil-speaking audiences and the Sinhalese, endorsing them,” Kalapi revealed.



After Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan’s performance in #Race3 would be one to watch out for, says producer Ramesh Taurani

Race 3 will showcase an altogether new side to the superstar’s acting potential, says producer Ramesh Taurani 

By Manishaa R

With Tiger Zinda Hai setting the precedent of being the third Salman starrer to cross the Rs 300 crore mark at the domestic box-office in just 16 days, all eyes are now on Salman Khan’s next release, Race 3. Trade experts point out that the anticipation for the Eid release of the film is higher than ever before after the phenomenal response to Tiger Zinda Hai. Meanwhile the producer of Race 3, Ramesh Taurani has congratulated Salman for the extraordinary success of the film, “It was a well-deserving success for Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, director Ali Abbas Zafar and the entire team. The action was of an international scale, so were the out of the ordinary performances. We are proud to have Salman on board for Race 3,” Taurani said adding that he and the entire Race team were upbeat about the film from day one, “Salman had organized a special screening for the whole Race team including director Remo D’souza a day before its release and all of us were very impressed with the film,” he recalled.

According to Taurani, while the audiences hailed Salman Khan in the nail-biting action in TZH, Race 3 would showcase a new side of the superstar’s acting skills, “The USP of Race is its intricate plot and its edge of the seat entertainment. There would be high-octane action too but the focus would be on the sleek outcome where it will always be mind over muscle. Salman’s role in Race 3 would be new and unusual and his performance would be one to watch out for. The fact that he is teaming up once again with Jacqueline Fernandez makes it very special, so is the presence of Anil Kapoor. We are looking at this being the most sleek and stylish thriller of the franchise,” Taurani revealed.

“Salman’s role in Race 3 would be new and unusual and his performance would be one to watch out for. The fact that he is teaming up once again with Jacqueline Fernandez makes it very special, so is the presence of Anil Kapoor” – Producer Ramesh Taurani

More interestingly the art director of Tiger Zinda Hai, Rajnish Hedao of Acropolis DMG, has also done the art direction of Race 3. Hedao was instrumental in creating and designing a 20,000 sq meter set, where TZH was shot extensively for 65 days. “Race 3 will be yet another addition to Rajnish’s formidable work. He has given the film a very authentic look with his unique art-direction,” Taurani revealed.

Race 3, which marks the first collaboration of Salman Khan and director Remo D’souza, as actor and director, also stars Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Saquib Saleem and Daisy Shah. What is exciting though is the fact that Salman is making his debut in the Race franchise with this installment. The film is scheduled for release on June


Tiger Zinda Hai heading towards record of being Salman’s highest grossing film, say distributors

The film has also given Salman Khan the unique distinction of being the Christmas week superhero at the box-office, besides the Eid superhero

By Manishaa R

It looks like Tiger Zinda Hai is well on its way to crossing the Rs 300 mark at the box-office. The two-day unrest and the tense situation in Maharashtra, slightly dampened the pace of collections but the film still managed to gross a decent Rs 5.75 cr on its 13th day making the total tally in the range of Rs 287 cr. Distributors and trade analysts who are keenly tracking the progress of the film are confident that it will surpass the business of Salman Khan’s earlier two films, despite the fact that the business in single screens has dropped by 40 percent. According to Raj Bansal, who is the oldest distributor of the Yashraj banner in India with a track record of 32 years and 85 films, there are no two ways about the fact that Tiger Zinda Hai will redefine history at the box-office, “That’s because the repeat audiences are patronising the film in full force especially since the admission rates are now lower than before. Also the audiences who coud not catch up on the film earlier due to New Year celebrations, are doing so now. The biggest factor that could work in favour of the film is the fact that there is no major opposition in the next three weeks. Tiger Zinda Hai has virtually got a free run which is a great occurence,” Bansal says, adding that a majority of exhibitors have now cut down on the screen count to ensure that the film gets its due.

The veteran who has released all Salman starrers released by Yashraj so far, also feels that the film will set a new benchmark for the business of Salman starrers, “I can confidently say that it will be Salman khan’s biggest grosser ever. Salman’s Sultan fetched Rs 302 cr and his Bajrangi Bhaijaan grossed Rs 321 cr but it appears that Tiger Zinda Hai will certain surpass these two films,” Bansal insists.

Will Tiger Zinda Hai also set a record for the highest grossing Christmas release? Going by records, Aamir Khan’s highest grossing film, Dangal had collected Rs 387.38 crore at the India box-office, when it was released on 23rd December 2016. It remains to be seen whether Tiger Zinda Hai beats the record. Bansal however feels that the success of Tiger Zinda Hai has proved that the Eid hero has now taken over the Christmas week, “It was always Aamir Khan who ruled the Christmas week but this year it is the Eid hero who has taken over the Christmas and New Year season. Needless to add the three Khans continue to dominate the box-office in the three big festive seasons of the year, be it Diwali, Christmas or Eid,” he says. Meanwhile the latest tally of figures indicates the box-office collection of Tiger Zinda Hai: at Rs 286.46 crore at the end of Day 13 on January 3.

“Salman’s Sultan fetched Rs 302 cr and his Bajrangi Bhaijaan grossed Rs 321 cr but it is certain that Tiger Zinda Hai will surpass these two films” – Raj Bansal, oldest distributor of YRF Films

Helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who had also directed Salman Khan’s earlier film, Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai is the sequel to the 2012 blockbuster, Ek Tha Tiger. The fast-paced spy thriller starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, is replete with high voltage action about a RAW agent and an ISI agent, who team up on a one of a kind mission to rescue 25 nurses, held hostage by a terrorist organisation.


It is Salman Khan’s super hero avatar and mind-blowing action moves that are creating a riot at box-office, say exhibitors

Exhibitors analyze the incredible box-office success of Tiger Zinda Hai and how Salman has wooed the audiences with his slick action moves choreographed by Tom Struthers.

By Manishaa R

Even as Tiger Zinda Hai continues to run riot at the India and international box-office after its six-day run, exhibitors and theatre-owners across India have attributed the unprecedented response to Salman Khan’s action super-hero avatar and the conviction with which he has rendered the role. Mumbai distributor-exhibitor Ramesh Sippy, who is screening the film in all shows at three of his prime properties in Mumbai territory, feels that Salman has proved himself in the breath-taking action from the very first frame, “The film showcases Salman at his very best in action. Salman has done hard core action in his earlier films too but this time the action is of an international scale akin to watching a Hollywood movie like a Commando or a Rambo and Salman has lived up to it,” Sippy revealed.

His real push came with Dabanng and Salman is unstoppable ever since, says Ramesh Sippy

The veteran distributor who had last distributed Salman’s action starrer, Wanted, in 2009, feels that Salman’s elevation to one of the most celebrated stars on screen, happened more prominently after Dabanng, “When I released Wanted, it did very good business but not as remarkable, since Salman was yet to prove his credentials as a big commercial star. Wanted no doubt made a big difference but the real push came with Dabangg, which had content, star-value and a great performance from him. After that he is unstoppable,” Sippy says.

The audiences were craving to see Salman in action, they don’t like to see him soft-hearted and tearful on screen

Veteran filmmaker and exhibitor, Mehul Kumar, who has been playing the film to packed houses at his Mehul multiplex in Jamnagar, Gujarat, feels that it is Salman and Katrina Kaif’s slick action moves along with his super-hero image that has worked big time for the film, “He has the image of a superhero and the audience was craving to see him in action. He justified the complex action and the role with his hard work,” Mehul Kumar said.

The veteran who has the sole distinction of working with legendary actor, Raj Kumar in several films including Tirangaa and Krantiveer, feels that it is important that the projection of a star on screen does not digress from his image. He recalls the example of Raj Kumar, who was known for his impeccable dialogue delivery and great screen persona, “That was a different era but I do remember the fact that the audiences were very particular about the way Raj-saab was presented on screen. If you gave him a character that did not exude his larger-than-life image, the film would go unnoticed.”

According to Mehul Kumar, the audiences were disappointed with Tubelight because it showed him in a role that was completely contrary to his image, “Irrespective of the merits of the film, it deviated completely from his image of the invincible hero. The audiences don’t like to see him in the weeping, soft-hearted and rona-dhona scenes. They like to see him doing incredible things on screen,” he said, adding that he was looking at Tiger Zinda Hai, breaking the record of Sultan at his own multiplex.

Ali Abbas Zafar has harnessed Salman Khan’s superstardom like never before

Exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, who has released Tiger Zinda Hai in 17 screens across Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh gives full marks to Ali Abbas Zafar and the way he has unfolded the story on screen, “Ali Abbas Zafar has come up with a brilliant script and screenplay, by harnessing Salman’s superstardom and projecting him exactly the way the audiences would want to see him and that has made the big difference. Add to that the huge production values and the way this film has been mounted, which has made the film a big screen spectacle and a compulsive, cinematic viewing experience,” Rathi says.

Rathi adds that there is a unique psychology at work when it comes to the cinema-viewing audiences, “Today the cost of going for a movie is pretty high so it is important to give the audience something that makes it paisa vasool. A filmmaker needs to entertain and engage the audience and give them their money’s worth, ensuring that the movie contains more than just the face of the star, with its content and story-telling,” Rathi says.

Salman has done hard core action in his earlier films too but this time the action is of an international scale akin to Hollywood movies like Commando and Rambo and Salman has lived up to it- Ramesh Sippy, Veteran distributor and exhibitor

The quality and scale of action is international

Exhibitor Vishek Chauhan has the last word,You rarely find a Hindi film making it as a top grosser in the international market because most of our films don’t confirm to that scale and quality of action. For that you need an action entertainer like Avengers but Tiger Zinda Hai, has the kind of stylized action that can qualify for a universal market. Add to that the fact that it our very own Salman bhai in action in a bigger and better sequel and the mass hysteria is understandable,” Vishek quips.

Meanwhile exhibitors are expecting it to be another eventful week at the box-office. The six-day collection for the film is currently in the range of Rs 191 cr. The first installment Ek Tha Tiger, had a lifetime business of Rs 198.73 cr and the film is expected to go way beyond it going by estimates.


Tiger Zinda Hai now a “certified blockbuster” say exhibitors citing audience and critics’ reactions

Exhibitors expect movie to set new benchmark at box-office going by record non-holiday opening day collections for Hindi film

By Manishaa R

Exhibitors, who have been going berserk in the past few days over the advance bookings for Tiger Zinda Hai, are delighted with the first day audience reactions to the film across all theatres. Noted exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, who runs a chain of cinemas across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, feels that the Salman starrer will definitely set the record for being the highest grossing Hindi movie of the year, besides the highest opening day collections for a Hindi movie this year, “It is already on its way to setting the record for the biggest opening day of the year for a Hindi film, in the range of Rs 35 cr. Also, it’s a movie that the exhibition market is expecting to be the highest grossing Hindi film of 2017 this year,” he says.

Salman is back with his super-hero quotient and the masses are loving it

According to Rathi the masses are going overboard with Salman’s act in the film, “The film is high on entertainment and Salman is back with his superhero quotient. The audiences are going crazy.  Salman had deviated from his image in Tubelight but he is back playing to the gallery and giving his audiences exactly what they want,” Rathi insists adding that the film is replete with moments that will stay in the minds of audiences, “There are some great moments in the movie where you want to clap and cheer and these fantastic moments are there from the beginning to the end.” Like all other distributors and exhibitors, he is gratified with the response to the film, “We are playing the movie across all our screens and we are delighted that the film has given exhibitors a new reason to smile. It is a happy day for all of us in the trade,” Rathi says.

Rathi is not the only exhibitor who is raving about the first day reactions to the film. According to Joginder Mahajan, who controls the 985 seater Gagan theatre in Delhi and is also the General Secretary of the Motion Pictures Association, Delhi, the audiences are connecting with Tiger Zinda Hai in a big way, “Salman Khan fans are loving all the action,” he says. However he is a little weary about the many screens that the film is playing in, “The problem is that it is playing in all the shows in all the screens in every nook and corner, which is a big limitation. There are just too many shows of the same film which can hinder business at times,” he says.

“Salman had deviated from his image in Tubelight but he is back playing to the gallery and giving his audiences exactly what they want,” – Akshaye Rathi, Leading exhibitor

C.I exhibitor, Mukesh Shah, of Regal cinema, Indore, feels that the film will go a long way in bringing relief to exhibitors, “The biggest advantage of the film is that it has also got critical appreciation besides commercial response. The film has got a rating of three and a half and above from all critics,” he says.

It is not just about the advance booking, it is a certified blockbuster now

Exhibitor Vishek Chauhan, who had last compared the pre-release craze for Tiger Zinda Hai, with the advance booking of Baahubali, feels that Salman has nailed it with his performance in the film, “I can gauge from the audience reaction and the critical reviews that it is a certified blockbuster. Salman has delivered and he has not disappointed his fans. Bhai is back in his element, the way the masses like to see him. Now that the film has been liked, the next one week could take the collections even further. This film will definitely cross the Rs 300 cr mark and could well touch Rs 350 cr business, going by the euphoria,” Chauhan says.

Critics have hailed it too

Meanwhile, critics seem to be going-gaga-over the film, giving it a unanimous thumbs-up in terms of its production values, making, performances and direction. Noted movie critic Taran Adarsh has upheld the film in a series of tweets, congratulating director Ali Abbas Zaffar for delivering “an eminently watchable film. No two opinions about it… Final word? #TigerZindaHai delivers what it promises: King-sized entertainment,” his tweet reads.

Veteran movie industry tracker and social media analyst, Ramesh Bala has given the film three and a quarter stars out of five, stating that Salman has lived up to the expectations of his fans, “A Geo-political Action Entertainer set in Iraq.. @BeingSalmanKhan owns the Tiger franchise & delivers what fans expect.. #KatrinaKaif does fantastic stunts.. Really magnanimous of Salman bhai to let her do so much stunts.. A gud holiday entertainer”, his tweet reads.

Mayank Shekhar of Mid-day has also hailed the return of Salman Khan, “And yeah, Salman is very much back to being Salman, deviating not once from the script, unlike with ‘Tubelight’ (earlier in the year), which left Sal-maniacs so pissed that he had to frickin’ return money to distributors,” he says in his review.



Salman Khan came up with beautiful creative inputs for Swag Se Swagat, reveals song producer Meghdeep Bose

By Manishaa R

More than a fortnight after the Swag Se Swagat number from Tiger Zinda Hai, took the social media by storm with its record-breaking views and likes, the number continues to cast its magical spell on the audiences. The scintillating composition even got the audiences grooving when Salman Khan performed to the beats of the song at his recent Delhi concert. However few are aware about the kind of detailing and hard work that went behind the making of the number that left an indelible mark on the minds of Salman fans.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted a very young feel for the number

According to song producer, Meghdeep Bose, Swag Se Swagat was designed to connect with Salman’s huge fan-base from the day it was conceptualized and recorded, “It was one of Vishal-Shekhar’s extraordinary compositions written by Irshad Kamil with the catch phrase, ‘Swag Se Swagat Tak’.  However director Ali Abbas Zaffar wanted a very young feel for the number way apart from the sound that was evident in earlier Salman Khan starrers. I was assigned the job of making it really unique and different in terms of its music arrangement, since I am known to work differently on every composition,” Bose stated.

The Indore-born music producer who had earlier produced the song, Main Hoon Hero Tera for Armaan Mallik, which was also rendered by Salman Khan, decided to reinvent himself working out on several permutations and combinations, “The idea was to give it an all-new feel in terms of the beats and the music arrangement. Also since it was my first dance track and the first time I was working with music composers, Vishal-Shekhar, I wanted to do full justice to the song.”

Salman came up with some beautiful creative inputs keeping in mind his fans and followers

What got him thrilled though was the way Salman was l tuned into the number when it was first presented to him in the studio, “We had just made the mukhda, the basic signature tune and the first verse of the song when it was presented to Salman. He seemed to be absolutely delighted with the way the melody had shaped up,”  Bose recalled adding that Salman was very keen that the song establish a connect with his huge fan-base, “While working with Salman I realized that he cares for his fans and goes out of his way to make them happy. So when he was the studio listening to a song, he was very particular about the number that he wanted to serve to his audiences. He came up with some creative beautiful inputs for the number,” Bose revealed.

It is a known fact that Salman Khan has a great sense of music and works towards it in each of his film. Bose was also taken in by Salman’s huge exposure to music and the way he interpreted sound, “I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to is very spectral from across the world. He has an excellent feel for music.”

Having a superstar like Salman for a track definitely gives it great exposure

According to Bose, in his career he had never produced songs with the idea of making them viral, be it Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon from Hate Story 3, Tu Bhoola Jise from Airlift, Besabriyaan from MS Dhoni or Main Hoon Hero Tera from Hero, “I don’t work on a song with the idea of its commercial success.  There is definitely a huge consciousness, but it is not about making the song a hit but making sure that I am doing full justice to it. It is a challenge and a thrill to translate a composer’s dream because it plays a decisive role on how people eventually perceive the song. If I play a note differently, the whole composition and its perspective may change. Nevertheless, every song that I have produced for a film, be it Main Hoon Hero Tera or Bol Do No Zara, has gone way above the 100 million mark on YouTube.,” Bose said.

I noticed that Salman is extremely music savvy and has a great feel for music. Also the kind of music he listens to, is very spectral from across the world- Music producer, Meghdeep Bose

There is a general perception that if a superstar of the stature of Salman Khan is associated with a song, it invariably makes its mark on the audiences because of the sheer charisma of the star, irrespective of the composition but Bose had a different opinion, “The presence of a star no doubt elevates the visibility of a particular number. A superstar like Salman Khan being on track definitely gives huge exposure but then a great song is a great song. If the content is lovely and liked by people, it will anyway go viral. I f you look back, there are some songs which made their way to become huge hits, despite the lack of superstars. It is like a river finding its way into the ocean,” Bose avers.

While the Swag Se Swagat number has now become the anthem of Salman Khan’s forthcoming film, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bose admitted that he never had the opportunity of interacting with the superstar, “Salman doesn’t know me personally. I am not aware whether he is aware about me but song producers are not known generally and even production houses are focused on music composers. But I am happy that I am part of a very successful Salman Khan number for the second time after Main Hoon Hero Tera. I am very grateful to Vishal-Shekhar for that. I am glad that I have done justice to their dream composition,” he quipped.